#FashionWeek: get the DENIM 69 look

A new blue energy has shaken up the last New York Fashion week. The LA-based brand for denim 69 (read “sixty nine”) made quite an impression, with models wearing fringed denim masks! Oversize capes, fringed coats, high waisted pleated trousers, the new collection shows how denim works for everyone. Meet the goofy, unique, creative and… Continue reading

Fashion & Beauty: 5 blue trends you might (not) follow

We’ve seen them in fashion magazines or on Instagram… Here are five blue trends you might follow. Or not. But if you do, please please send us the pictures? Cover picture source and credits: Katy Perry from PopSugar Dye your hair blue Looks like blue hair is getting more and more popular on Instagram these… Continue reading

Makeup professional ITW (Guerlain) – #BlueMakeup 2016

  It’s no secret: blue makeup and especially blue eye shadow has cemented itself as a must-do over this Winter season. And it’s likely stretch to the rest of 2016. We had many questions (which blue make up for who? Is blue lipstick a thing?) to ask busy makeup professional Pauline, from Luxury Cosmetics Maison… Continue reading

The Blue Man Group – promoting blue worldwide

Are they aliens? Giant Smurfs? Not exactly. Think of The Blue Man Group as a concept, with a humanistic view, promoting the colour blue. This performance show is nothing like traditional theater.   What started as the experimental performance of three friends 25 years ago in New York City has become an award-wining collective performing… Continue reading

Disney Interview: Ursula, Hades & Genie, the Blue Villains

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In June, for Blue Superhero Month, we’ve invited Walt Disney characters Ursula and Hades, respectively the villains in The Little Mermaid and Hercules, as well as Aladdin’s best friend, Genie, to chat about their lives and careers after the success of their Disney movies. PS: this is a fake interview of course… but inspired from the real blue… Continue reading

Anything Blue gets you anything … in blue !

Blue lovers, here is good news for you. The next time you will look for the right gift to treat your family, your friends, boyfriend/girlfriend and even yourself, remember these two magical words: Anything Blue. Once upon a time in London, two sisters had an pretty cool idea: creating a platform that would gather anything blue… Continue reading

RADIO VL empowers the youth!

After more than half a century of providing most of the recorded television output, the BBC Television Centre – in White City, London- closes its doors. Soon enough, the Television Center of the most pretigious media outlet will be reconverted in office spaces and hotels. Yes, budget cuts hurt, and they have caused a deep unrest… Continue reading